Audio Sermons

(Ezekiel 21) Dropping The Word And Polishing The Sword By Rocky Randall
Thy Mother, The Lioness
Happy Then My Life Shall Be By Rocky Randall
Multitudes And Disciples By Rocky Randall
Multitudes And Disciples By Rocky Randall
Ecclesiastes 1 By Rocky Randall
Luke 18 by Kevin Sepulveda
Keeping Our Guard Up
Turning Darts Into Stubble
We Don’t Run With Those Folks Anymore
The Easiest Way To Be Defeated By The Enemy
Having Our Feet Shod
(Proverbs 25) Too Much Of A Good Thing
(Proverbs 18) Why God’s Strong Tower Is The Safest
(Proverbs 8) Ms. Wisdom
(John 1) Witnessing So Others Might Believe
(Daniel) Prayer, An Identifier
Silent Partner Problems by Adam Fannin
Next Steps for a New Christian by Adam Fannin
Save with Fear by Adam Fannin
Paul’s Preparation to Preach – Romans 1 by Adam Fannin
Sowing in the Summertime by Adam Fannin
Jesus is God, not just the Son! by Adam Fannin
A Pattern Of Longsuffering By Adam Fannin
Faith Baptist.9.18.2016 Sunday PM by Joe Major
Faith Baptist 9.18.2016 Sunday AM BibleStudy by Joe Major
A Great Waster by Steven Anderson
Mary vs Martha by Steven Anderson
Wasting Time on Vain Things by Steven Anderson