False Teachers Exposed

Martin Luther And The 95 Theses Exposed By Michael Johnson
I Have A Dream Martin Luther King Jr. Is A Wicked False Prophet By David Berzins
The Open Folly Of Todd Friel By Joe Jones
Sheba The Son Of Bichri ( Adam Fannin Exposed) By Steven Anderson
Demon Possessed Preachers ( Jeff Durbin Exposed) by Steven Anderson
Calvinism Heresy ( Jeff Durbin, James White) By Jason Robinson
Wolf Pack Charles Spurgeon and Jeff Durbin by Adam Fannin
Westboro Bastard Church – Fred Phelps in Hell by Adam Fannin
Charles Spurgeon The Prince of False Prophets by Joe Major
Ken Ham and AIG Exposed Part 2 by Michael Johnson
Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis Exposed Part 1 by Michael Johnson
Delusional and Deceived Dispensationalist by Joe Major
The Damnable Heresy of Ray Comfort by Jonathan Shelley
Gandhi was a False Prophet by Roger Jimenez
Ruckmanite Fairytale’s- Bill Grady Edition Part 2 by Joe Major
Ruckmanite FairyTales- Bill Grady Edition by Joe Major
John Calvin, John MacArthur, John Piper by Adam Fannin
Exposing the Movie Pope Francis A Man of His Word by Roger Jimenez
Lecrae The Son of Bosor by Jonathan Shelley
Billy Balaam Graham Evidence of a False Prophet by Joe Major
Why Billy Graham Is Roasting In Hell by Aaron Thompson
Dave Ramsey Exposed! by Steven Anderson
Darby, Scofield, & Larkin by Adam Fannin
Scofield and Genesis 1 by Joe Major
Rebuke of Andrew Sluder Part 2 by Joe Major
John MacArthur, Go To Hell by Aaron Thompson
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Pope Francis and His Lies by Steven Anderson
Martin Luther King, Jr Exposed by Steven Anderson
Don’t Put Your Hope in the Pope by Tommy McMurtry