Topical Sermons

Acts 23 Pastor Jonathan Shelley Pure Words Baptist Church
The LORD Blessed The Sabbath Day Pastor Kevin Sepulveda
The Second Coming Of Christ [ 1 Thessalonians Chapter 4] Preached By Pastor Bruce Meija
1st Corinthians 15c The Rapture Pastor Aaron Thompson
The Christian Response To The Kyle Rittenhouse Case Pastor Thompson
Redound To The Glory Of God ( 2 Corinthians 4 10 18) Pastor Roger Jimenez
Ezekiel 14 Steven Anderson
Isaiah 32 The Liberal Deviseth Liberal Things David Berzins
1 Corinthians 12 ( Spiritual Gifts) Pastor Jason Robinson
Thy Truth Continually Preserve Me ( Psalm 40) Pastor Kevin Sepulveda
The Art Of Con Science Voices In My Head ( Pastor Joe Jones) Wednesday PM
New Traditions Pastor Jonathan Shelley Stedfast Baptist OKC
Revelation 12 ( War In Heaven) Pastor Jason Robinson
Our God Is Able To Deliver Us Pastor Aaron Thompson
Work Out Your Own Salvation Pastor Jonathan Shelley Stedfast Baptist OKC
2nd Samuel Chapter 22 RSD ( Pastor Joe Jones) Sunday PM
Doing Hard Things ( In The Age Of Technology) Steven Anderson
Can You Afford To Not Ask This Question ( Pastor Joe Jones) Sunday AM
The Cities Of Refuge Steven Anderson
New Traditions Pastor Jonathan Shelley Stedfast Baptist OKC
Tenacity Pastor Roger Jimenez
Enhanced Sermon How Time Works Pastor Jared Pozarnsky
Joshua 21 Pastor Jared Pozarnsky
Denying Self David Berzins
Lay Hold On Eternal Life Pastor Jason Robinson
The ANGRY MAN [Proverbial Personalities] Pastor Bruce Mejia
Soulwinning Workshop 3 David Berzins
Making Merchandise Of People David Berzins
Fasting The Accessory Discipline Pastor Bruce Mejia
Everything In Its Proper Place Pastor Kevin Sepulveda